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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

UPR see Nila Gift Belongs Lasarus

Lasarus Kily Kily (67) is the owner of People's Unit (UPR) Nila Gift and fish in the fishing villages Tobuha District Powatu, the city of Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi province, Indonesia, 29 have Lasarus pool terrace over 3 hectares of land. However, production is still minimal because the facility is still traditional supporters.

Location UPR Nila Gift Lasarus the property can not be seen from the road department Puwatu. However, there nameplate location, by in front of the office Tobuha villages. Location UPR is not much that is about 10 meters from Jalan Gunung Nipa - Nipa Powatu. Area of 1.5 hectares in area of 3 hectares of land.

Number of swimming as much as 29 plot that consists of 2 terrace fishing. Then plot pemijahan Gurame, fish, gold and indigo gift. Including pembenihan plot developed and pemijahan.

UPR visible diareal atmosphere is very natural. Around the location of the trees there is a protective area around the mountain. Even water from the pond 29 plot came from the local water pegunungn. In each plot swimming ditumbuhi tens of hybrid coconut tree heavy with fruit.

3 hectares of land owned Lasarus this dibelinya in the year 1970 is still a forest. Then in 1981 a number of cetaklah in the plot - the plot must unload the land, because it is still the anchor-shaped mountain. With tlatennya, Lasarus menekuni treat swimming - swimming own, which initially was still only a few plot. At the time the result was not a maximum.

Lasarus previous experience as a civil servant at the Treasury cash Sultra this country, do not have the knowledge to membudidaya fish. But when he had the task to other regions such as West Java, he has to open niatan land pembudidayaan fish. Moreover, supported by the location of assets, Lasarus and buy some books about how the method membudidaya fresh water fish.

Currently, production of fish in the UPR property Lasarus still limited. Fish seed sales revenue is still small, just about Rp 500 thousand - Rp 1 million per month. When compared to the area, should be treated as professionals, can beromzet dozen million.

Moreover, the type of fish that dibudidaya Lasarus expensive types of fish, such as gold fish and Nila. So far, only a market order of the community mendatanginya, including those who want to purchase seeds for fish diperlihara. "Production has not been up to us," he said.

The cause has not been as maximum production facilities are still limited. The process of cultivation of fish belonging to La Sarus is still very traditional. Swimming is still the original plot, which have not yet dilantai. For example in the plot because pemijahan not dilantai overall, the results pemijahan often fail. Gratitude - gratitude that the fish eggs dipijahkan can be 50 percent. Sometimes even naught because the location of silt, so difficult to breeding fish eggs.

According to the Lasarus if a bit more modern amenities, the production can be improved, and the market in certain market Kendari can receive whatever the amount. When this order is just not fulfilled. Niatan Lasarus actually have to develop the business with funds borrowed from banks. However, he fears, if omzet who have not enough for the bank to make the repayments. "Meanwhile jaminannya sure my business plus pool - this pool. What if later be confiscated," he said.

Lasarus only hope the party associated with this business, and want to develop the land of berpranserta own this fish. He believes if the UPR Nila Gift this forward, it will recruit more workers. Even if future production of fish would have many additional other business. For example food stall roasted fish that get fresh fish directly from kolamnya. "So this business can be great, and can create employment," harapnya.

But unfortunately UPR Nila Gift ever received an award from the Office of Marine and Fisheries (DKP) Sultra in the year 2003, had not got a touch of the government. Kendari Bapeda through the local administration and the DKP is agreed will help in making the well artesis location. The current dry season, water from the source of local water pengunungan dry. "I hope there is the matter with the business I am, to be more developed," the key.

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