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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

There are caves Sugipatane Relief Researcher layang, Suitable For Travelers

Sugipatane the cave entrance in the area of Cave Liangkabori, Muna regency, Southeast Sulawesi province, the site saved the unique culture, which is the relief kite on the cave wall. Painting on cave walls is still clearly visible today. Keunikannya a result, not a few people, both local and foreign hold only came to see their unique painting kites, people often call Muna as a kite Kolope. Kites are made from cassava leaf forest and strap made of pineapple fiber forests.

Picture tour site in the district Muna :


In connection with the place, as one of the tourist area with Liangkobori, the attraction has held a cultural festival, international kite which was followed by several countries in the world. Distance from the capital of the district is approximately 12 KM to the time of the 30 minutes, can only be reached with the two-wheeled vehicles only. Although the available routes of transportation to another object, its scope is only about 3.5 KM before tourism.

Head of Marketing Department of Culture and Tourism, Muna, Sitti Zamriah Safaa, SE, MSi claim that tourism is one cave Sugipatane area with Liangkabori, but already is not managed properly. But very potential to be developed into nature and cultural tourism are local, national to international. "Buktinya, kite Kolope to this keberadaanya recognized in the world. In fact, in July last year, we had to host the festival of kite world. Muna To that which is included to make it to layang Kolope. And until now It is the world recognize that layang in the first diMuna there, but there are also claims that there are in China.

One of the traditional leaders, Laode time dimintai commentary concerning Cave Sugipatane confess that I was unique be calculated. Keunikannya a result, many visitors who come. "Just imagine to get to the cave, not difficult. Because there is a map over the stone as the old guide. How to cave, we see only the map. And this is also quite strange, but that's the kejadiannya. So, this cave is often visited. Biar without any instructions from the local people, visitors can go by itself, "he said.

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