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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Life Cycle Turtle the Endangered

Natural Resources (SDA), which can be updated and has been used in the plants and animals are. Marine biota is one of the natural resources that have been used, since people inhabit the coast. Biota of the sea for example, the turtle. However, management has not been much to the preservation system.

Green turtle (Chelonia mydas) and the turtle shell (Eretmoehelys imbricata). Although both types of turtle is protected by law in Indonesia, but can still be maintained as long as the rules apply. In fact, the business of maintenance turtle on a small scale and appropriate conditions that can bring prosperity in terms of economic improvement can be done, without damage to turtle populations.

Turtle eggs and meat can be a result of material consumption, while the scale / karapas used as jewelry and opsetan that have high commercial value. Penyu including animals from the nation's turtle. However, turtles can live only in fresh water and vice versa, turtle living in the sea water. The form of the body of turtle, is different from the turtle, turtle and green turtle shell, the weight can reach 230 kilograms, with long kerapas more than 125 centimeters and 15 centimeters wide head. It's the type of turtle star fruit with long reach more than 190 centimeters and weight about 600 kilograms.

Life cycle most of the turtle is in the sea, when in the land, living turtle is on phase Tukik (children turtle), a new exit from the egg (crack) tekik until discharge from the nest in the time period of approximately 7 days.
Special adult female turtle, dating it to the beach to lay eggs, for 2 to 3 hours. Green turtle looking for food in the sea ditumbuhi plants. In the year named Tukik 1/turtle children and adults after a karnivora and find food in the area of the relative shallow sea.

Generally, the process began laying turtle turtle adult ride to the beach, to return to the sea. That happened about an hour before the ebb and flow. For the green turtle, if need be 2-3 hours. Laying behavior in the green turtle through several stages:
1. Emerging from the sea and the maintenance of the location lay.
2. Dig a hole and the hole body of eggs
3. Lay
4. Close sarang
5. Cover the eggs and the security track
6. Back to the sea

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