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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Government Corruption Reports Kendari Restive TII

Vice Mayor of Kendari, H Musadar Mappasomba, MP respect the results of research conducted by Transparency International Indonesia (TII). Results publication of Kendari TII says local government is the most corrupt number 47 after Monokwari, Tegal, and Kupang.

Master of Agriculture UGM Jogyakarta this, said the survey will be the reference NGO government with Mayor of Ir Asrun to improve, and do pembenahan structural improvements related public services. "This means control, we will bercermin from TII results," said Musadar, found that, on Thursday (22 / 1) ago.

A prop, not reject the results TII publication, but said he should be made clear that the variable sampling in the release of the corruption perception index of cities in Indonesia.

By that, Musadar confess surprised, as if not believing, and after the city with the motto Kendari Bertaqwa is in the key position of an interpreter. Not mean that anti criticism but a clear, up to now TII indicator assessment, is not known which refers to the reference.

Related to this result, his view of what will be done by the institution. Moreover Pemkot, now continue to improve access to public services, such as licensing, ID, and free health care for the community.

TII publications, are in contrast with the success of the Ir Asrun Service received an award Citra Prima 2008 with success in improving the quality of public services in health Poasia.

A known, three days ago the survey measuring corruption perception index (GPA), which conducted Transparancy International (TI) Indonesia in 50 cities in the country during the year 2008, of Kendari, only able to set aside three cities, with raihan value of 3.43 points. Terpaut far from Jogyakarta get the highest score of 6.43.

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  1. jangankan korupsi, masyarakat pun dah mulai resah dengan pungli-pungli kecil-kecilan di setiap lini pelayannan publik milik pemerintah