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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Importance of Caring for Women's Beauty

Caring for the entire face and body, for women is very important meaning. Face of the treatment, beauty of a woman will be radiated. But the beauty will not send out a positive aura, if not accompanied by the beauty of the heart. That is the balance between them, which will create inner beauty radiated from the face of the owner, so that exude elegance for the view.

Image Importance of Caring for Women's Beauty

Understanding the importance, a woman caring for the face and body, the Chairman of the PKK Sultra, Dra Hj Tina Nur Alam, cooperation PT Mustika Ratu, a day with a seminar with the Mustika Ratu titled "Prima KIAT Healthy and Productive For Women's Self," which lasted Red and White in the Hall Rujab Governor, yesterday.

The goal, adopted the science that from Hadiningrat Surakarta palace of culture, which has been unmasked disclose beauty Java era palace daughter first. Thus, women of Kendari, able to be private "Ngadi Saliro Ngadi Busono" the withdrawal daughter palace.

Present as the speakers, Dra Lissy Sulistyani and Dra Hj Haroen Elly. No lag, elders Mustika Ratu, DR Moeryati Bra Soedibyo, present the material in the present smeinar it.

Seminar, get full of enthusiastic mothers who are driving the PKK Sultra, Dekranasda, the province and duty of women Pertiwi and other organizations womanhood. Themes of the material remains secret beloved husband at the age of well-established, making the Red White Hall, crowded with mothers.

Lissy Sulistyani with the spirit of sharing knowledge on the class beauty companies in Indonesia that, for women Sultra. According Lissy, the stages of life of women from the baby starts to the menopause. From research PERMI doctors in Jakarta, West Java, Semarang, Yogyakarta and Malang against women respondents in 1350, found the average age of menopause in the 49 years. At the age of the complaint that is often felt painful joints, body weakness and concentration difficult to "drought" for women.

Before that time comes, there is the so-called pre menopause. This period began in the age of 35 years. "Caring for the body and face, it's very important for women. Age is the age range of 2 calendar and biological age. Age calendar is the calendar according to actual age. The age of biological age where that is, the policy in the face and body of a woman, appeared as a result of contraction age. If women do not treat the body and face since early, then the old time before, so will the specter of all. Finally, the husband will be so cool with my wife, " hes said screed.

Conditions, go Lissy, certainly does not want a woman. By that, women need to merawah body and face. But to keep in mind, care for the face, must have a high natural womb. Gynecology is only available in the product Mustika Ratu. The company's products Moeryati Soedibyo it, comes from plants that are only in Indonesia and is not found in other countries who are in the form of herbal medicine. However, all of them, must also be balanced with adequate sports and of course have to approach on the power. So that radiated beauty typical Indonesian women.

"Beauty, will not be radiated perfect if we do not become private ngadi saliro ngadi busono, which has a basic philosophy of elegance trilogy women. Ngadi saliro means caring beauty plenary. Ngadi busono, art and dress well and properly in accordance with the customs and habits and personality of Indonesia that to the decency and fairness in an effort to reach the image of elegant and interesting, " hes said.

Mustika Ratu has proven advantages to bring the product quality and high value, which is able to maintain the beauty of women in Indonesia face seutuhnya. DR Bra Moeryati Soedibyo obvious example is that women in Indonesia still beautiful in the twilight age.
Vice Chairman of the MPR RI, he could have a face without a lot of contraction, because he treated himself clever. Since first, he was most "tendentious" to spoil the body's affairs. However, the result has now enjoy it. He can become a mother at the same time be capable businesswoman leadership. Look elegant and beautiful face, even able to bring them to sit in the seat parliament.

"Women are independent, confident, able to occupy an important role in various activities, which is expected. That's why women need to maintain a beauty face and body, to stay fit and when the prime many people," said the grandmother of 11 grandchildren, while the he bustle so many well-preserved remains in the age of 81 years.

Meanwhile, Hj Tina said Nur Alam, tersbeut seminars aim to be the mother, in between the press of daily household as mother, worker and businessman or active in the organization, can have a growing insight, ethics and the broad socially effective and have a look the glamor, but still limited by a corridor of culture and civility and elegant with age. In addition, women must also keep outside in prime health, to be more beloved husband.

"I hope after the mothers take this one day seminar, they can gain insight, knowledge and apply them stock. So the quality of the wife can be," hes said.

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