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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Telkomsel Recorded Activation Black Berry High in Southeast Asia

Telkomsel record growth in subscribers Black Berry highest in Southeast Asia (Asean) in December 2008, the 9435 reached a new activation. This is not apart from Telkomsel in introducing pioneering methods activation Black Berry with very simple way, namely via SMS the first in the world.

The Consumer Black Berry

"Innovation is supported by the network service GPRS, EDGE, and 3G terluas become key advantages Black Berry service Telkomsel. Currently, Black Berry Telkomsel subscribers has reached 35,000, where 75 persennya is a post-pay customers kartuHALO and 25 persennya prepaid (simPATI Card and As)," said Nirwan Lesmana, GM Marketing Communications Telkomsel releasenya through the press.

Nirwan said further innovation has been the ease of service, where in May 2008 Telkomsel spearhead Black Berry prepaid presence in Southeast Asia and introduced the first activation via SMS in the world. "From the network, service Black Berry served by Telkomsel extensive network to the border and throughout the country so that wherever they are able to enjoy this service. In fact, the network service capacity Black Berry we will increase five-fold to be up to the end of this year. This will add convenience in terms of access, download, and other messages," added Nirwan.

"We realize Black Berry has been a part of the lifestyle, which in the middle mobilitasnya customers need to stay connected with a variety of information whenever and wherever they are. For that Telkomsel is always to update customers with the devices latest Black Berry, so that customers will enjoy the perfect blend device with the latest lifestyle terluas Telkomsel network that reaches almost the entire population of Indonesia," he said.

Black Berry is now in line with the noise in the various media coverage in the world that Barack Obama told a very tacky and like Black Berry services in supporting the day-to-day activities as the new president of the United States.

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